Could you be our first local Police and Crime Commissioner?

What will Police and Crime Commissioners do?

  • Commissioners will be local figures with powerful mandates from the public to drive the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Commissioners will decide policing strategy and the force budget. They will set the local council tax precept and appoint - and if necessary dismiss - the chief constable. And all of this will be done on behalf of the public who elect them.
  • Police and Crime Commissioners will replace the existing police authorities and have a much larger role.
  • As their title - Police and Crime Commissioners - suggests they will have a broad remit to ensure community safety, with their own budgets to prevent crime and tackle drugs.
  • Working with local authorities, community safety partnerships and local criminal justice boards, Commissioners will help bring a strategic coherence to the actions of these organisations across each police force.
  • The Commissioners will also have responsibility for strategic policing - they will have to address national issues as well as local concerns.

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