Parsons expelled from LCC Conservatives "A matter of principle."

LCC Conservative Group Statement following EGM 7th November

LCC Conservative Group this afternoon passed a motion to expel former leader David Parsons from the Group as a “matter of principle” after Nicholas Rushton received an email from Mr Parsons resigning before the group meeting took place.

The motion to expel was proposed by Nicholas Rushton CC, seconded by David Sprason CC, and was carried unanimously.

Commenting after the group meeting Nick Rushton said:” The Group considered the report of the group whips carefully before arriving at their decision to expel. With the glare of the national media bearing down upon our group, this issue became much more than just dealing with the conduct of the former leader. It became a matter of principle.”

I am determined that this will send out the right messages- that we deal with our dirty washing properly and decisively. It is extremely important that the people of Leicestershire have the confidence in their elected members they observe the very highest standards in their public lives.”

The decision of the Group will now be communicated to both Charnwood and South Leicestershire Conservative Associations and to the national Conservative Councillors' Association as required by group rules.

Nick Rushton also gave an undertaking to publish the report of the group whips and this is reproduced in full below.


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