Press Release- Group Nominations now closed

Press Release 10th July 2012 

Statement from Mr Tony Gillard CC, Group Chief Whip.

 New Leader and Deputy Leaders-elect are chosen


Nominations have now closed in the group elections to choose a successor to David Parsons CC.


As of 5pm today, the Group Secretary received the names of the following candidates, properly nominated for the positions of:

Group Leader - Mr Nicholas Rushton CC,

Deputy Leader -Mr David Sprason CC.


No other names have been received. There will now be a meeting of the Conservative Group on 17th July 2012 to formally adopt Mr Rushton as Leader and Mr Sprason as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group respectively.

At the next ordinary meeting of Leicestershire County Council on 26th September 2012, the Conservative Group will lay a motion before Council to formally nominate Mr Rushton as Leader of the County Council and Mr Sprason as Deputy Leader of the County Council.