Truth revealed over Vice-Chairman vote

The real reasons why the Liberal Democrats forced a vote for the Vice-Chairmanship of the County Council


Mrs Rosita Page won an overwhelming majority in the vote to become Vice-Chairman of Leicestershire County Council. She will make an excellent servant to the people of Leicestershire and I warmly congratulate her on her appointment.


The Liberal Democrats are claiming that I reneged on a “promise” to offer the position to Don Wright CC. Whilst it is true an email exchange revealed I was “minded to appoint” a Liberal Democrat, this was by no means a done-deal and indeed not a formal offer of any appointment. Their assertion I shook on it is not a version of any conversation I recollect.


It is they who dragged their feet, and in taking so long to come to any decision,  I decided to go back to the Group for their opinion and direction. It was clear to me from the adoption of a resolution to appoint a Conservative candidate to the Vice-Chairmanship, that there was no appetite to appoint a Liberal Democrat for this year.


Then, in the Leicester Mercury (23rd May 2012) an article entitled “Row over Leicestershire County Council vice-chairman role”, the real reasons as to the Liberal Democrat motives are revealed.  Simon Galton is quoted as saying “It’s a political move- a punishment because he thinks we are trying to get rid of him because of concerns over his expenses and use of the civic car.” Simon Galton is further quoted: “We are trying to get rid of him of course, but the vice-chairman’s position should not be used to make a political point.”


Quite- so why use this occasion to have a go at me and try to score a political goal? Could it be they thought by abusing the election process of the vice-chairman that they could somehow get more mileage for their orchestrated political smear campaigns against me? I thought they believed in due process and a belief in natural justice? The cat is now well and truly out of the bag with Simon Galton’s comments. Questions may now have to be asked as to the impartiality and unprejudiced viewpoints of Liberal Democrat councillors. Simon Galton has put them in a very difficult place if indeed he speaks on their behalf in the public arena.