County Leader David Parsons attacks Liberal Democrats to "stop talking down Leicestershire."

Leader of the County Council David Parsons has condemned the latest smear campaign from Leicestershire Liberal Democrats. In a blistering attack on County Lib-Dems he says:"Their campaigns undermine the good work this Council is doing keeping people in jobs and attracting inward investment into the County to drive jobs, growth and prosperity. Their weasel-words are talking down Leicestershire. By doing so, they are threatening local jobs and Leicestershire's hard-fought for reputation as a place open for business. It must stop."


Commenting on their latest political communication entitled: "Anger over plans to cut Leicestershire's PCSOs", David says:"They cannot wait to deliberately mislead people. The truth is the County Council is maintaining funding for PCSOs until a Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and Rutland is elected, when funding for this becomes their priority. What the Liberal Democrats don't tell you is that they are not bothering to contest these elections at all and their councillors at County Hall tabled an amendment to the budget cutting funding completely for PCSO provision."


Watch this space for more "stop talking down Leicestershire" from the Liberal Democrats, later…