Press Release- Decision Notice Mr David Sprason CC

Press Release- 11th January 2013


Enquiry into conduct of Mr D A Sprason CC- Decision Notice


In view of Mr Sprason’s willingness to make a full, written public apology and the fact he has taken no part in any Group activities since November 22nd 2012, the Group decided there was no need to impose a further period of effective suspension on Mr Sprason.

Mr Sprason accepted his error of judgement had caused damage to the reputations and standing of both the County Council and the Conservative Group. Members decided that Mr Sprason should:-

  • Not be re-appointed as Conservative Group Deputy Leader and he is therefore no longer Deputy Leader of Leicestershire County Council;
  • Not hold any executive role, other office or representative role on behalf of the Conservative Group locally, regionally or nationally;
  • Write a full letter of apology to the Group and Council in consultation with LCC Conservative Group Political Assistant David Briscombe and Bosworth Conservative Association.

Leader of the Conservative Group Nick Rushton said, “David has paid an extremely high price for his mistake in giving an interview to the press which has damaged the reputation of the Group and the County Council. I am satisfied with the Group’s unanimous decision to impose these tough sanctions on Mr Sprason. It has been my primary concern to restore the reputation of the County Council since becoming leader. I believe the Group has done that in removing Mr Sprason from all senior positions.”

Mr Byron Rhodes CC was elected unopposed as the new Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group.


Full Whips' Report is attached below


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