Statement from LCC Conservatives: Update on Wood Lane Unauthorised Travellers encampment

26th March 2013

Statement from Ivan Ould CC:

"Officers working with the Multi-agency Travellers Unit (MATU) have visited the site occupied by 16 trailers and their families at Wood Lane. They have visited every family and MATU have carried out health checks. Our colleagues in the health teams will be following up on the issues raised. They have also been given a supply of refuse sacks."

"The travellers have stated that they were passing through and were caught out by the inclement weather and they parked up at their current location over Saturday and Sunday last week. They have stated that they will have to be there for a week. Officers within MATU will serve first notice to leave as soon as health assessments have been completed."

"It is my understanding that if they do not move, we will have to apply for and serve a Civil Court Notice on Friday 5th April 2013, as civil proceedings are only heard on a Wednesday or Friday. Once these legalities are in place, it is hoped they would then leave immediately."

"I am confident that officers at the County Council and MATU are on the case and will do everything within their powers to facilitiate a quick removal of these unauthorised encampments."


Ivan Ould can be contacted via 01827 881087 or

County Councillor for Battram is Richard Blunt CC