Press Release- Byron Rhodes says Lib Dem 17% Council Tax claims "Don't Add up."

Lib Dem Council Tax Claims Don’t Add up

Byron Rhodes, County Council deputy leader and Finance spokesman for the Conservatives at County Hall has today called on the Liberal Democrats to come clean on their claims Leicestershire County Council plans to increase its council tax take by 17% over the next four years.

Byron Rhodes says, “The County Council has already agreed the 2017/18 council tax precept which was a rise of 3.99% (£1172.38 for a Band D property) in February 2017. By 2020/21 this Band D is forecast to rise to £1293.04, a cumulative rise of £120.66 or a percentage increase of 10.3%.”

Byron Rhodes adds, “By whichever method you measure increases in council tax over the next four years, be it cash or in percentage terms, I cannot get it to 17%. It seems the Liberals have made these figures up, grasped them out of thin air, to justify outrageous and false claims in their literature.”

Byron Rhodes said, “The Lib Dems need to retract these false assertions and issue a public statement setting the record straight. These rises mainly allow for inflation provision of 6% and to provide additional resources for adult social care, a key manifesto commitment.”

Byron Rhodes concludes, “If they can’t even get basic arithmetic right, how can they be trusted to run the complexities of the County Council?”


Notes to Editors

  1. The agreed MTFS between 2017/18-2020/21 assumes  rises in Council Tax (Band D) based on 3.99%, 3.99% and 1.99% increases respectively. The 3.99% figures include the 2% levy for adult social care, which is due to end in  2020/21, so a 1.99% increase is assumed, below the 2% referendum trigger. See County Council minutes 22 February 2017 p33, para 33
  2. In cash terms, county council Band D council tax in 2017/18 is £1172.38.  By 2020/21, this Band D element is forecast to be £1293.04. This is an increase of £120.66 over four years which is a percentage increase of 10.29%. For further detail see 2016/18-2020/21 Revenue Budget Appendix B outlining Band D Council tax levels, p67.
  3. Byron Rhodes can be contacted on 07966 003242 or 01949 860029.



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